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Session 1

10:45 - 11:55 am

The Awe in My Worship

Encouraging session for all singers, musicians and recording artist that aide with corporate worship.  Let’s focus on the object of our worship as we look into scripture. Attendees will be challenged to get back to the Awe in their worship.


Instructor: Pastor Cory Ratliff

Session 2

1:00 - 2:10 pm

Leading An Audience of N’ONE

This session is designed to bring worship artists into the depths of communion and oneness with the Father, the Son, The Holy Spirit and one another.  As a reflective answer to one of the greatest prayers prayed by Jesus, participants in this session will leave with a renewed understanding and functioning in what we call “Worship Service.”

Instructor: Vivien Hibbert

Session 3

2:25 - 3:35 pm

Worship Choir Experience

Choirs are not dead and certainly not irrelevant.  While many worship services have taken a shift in the direction of smaller worship teams, it is helpful to remember that choirs aid significantly in carrying out the context of our worship experience. Join this workshop as we explore important choir dynamics, blending harmonies and singing as a body!  This workshop will be fun, fantastic and full of His glory!


Instructor: Pastor Cory Ratliff

Session 4

9:00 - 10:10 am

Pushing Through - In Prophetic Worship & In Life

If you've been alive for more than a minute in worship leading, or any leadership, or just in life, you have had to learn to Push Through when things get hard. And life is hard! But even in the difficulties, we can push through and somehow at the same time, rest in His arms. Relax! And push through!

Taught by: Sharon Harper

Session 4

9:00 - 10:10 am

Courts of the Lord

As the Bride of Christ, we are invited into the courts of the King (Psalm 100:4) Have you ever thought about these courts? What do they look like? what are we supposed to do when we enter? In this class we will examine some of these courts and study the royal protocols of being in the presence of the King of kings. As worshipers, we have many official duties to engage in as we serve in His courts and administer His kingdom on earth.


Instructor: Vivien Hibbert

Session 5

10:25 - 11:35 am

A.R.I.S.E. (Artists Reconciling & Imparting Spiritual Essence)

This session is designed as a panel discussion to explore and reestablish the heart of an artist made in the image of God.  Focus for this session will be set to lead exploration of being not just artistically creative, but also spiritually relevant.  Artists will leave this session refreshed and confident in their ability to exercise a true ministry of reconciliation utilizing their distinct areas of artistic gifting.


Instructors: Worship Faculty

Session 6

2:25 - 3:35 pm

Yhwh (The Sound Of My Breathing)

Singers, musicians, worshipers of all forms… whether you are rehearsing a vocal phrase or simply giving God a shout of praise, you speak His name… in meditation or in prayer, know that God is there.  This session combines worship theology, vocal training and mental health all in one, drawing worship artists into the practical spirituality embodying the manifestation of God. Participants will leave this session with a song full of God, reflected in the sound of their breathing!


Instructor: Scharema Hannibal

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