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Preregistration and payment is required before the event to save money on the $210 per adult "at the door" rate. Once registration is submitted, you will receive your tickets via email. Please print your tickets and present them at the door on the day of the event. Doors open for registration at 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon (July 11) and Friday & Saturday mornings (July 12 & 13) at 8:00 am.


Groups of 8 or more receive great discounts when attending Karitos. For the special rates available for groups of 8 and up, please visit our Group Specials page. Groups are encouraged to arrive on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning to register, but not all members of the group are required to visit the registration desk to check in. In fact, it's best if you have a representative pick up the group packet of materials that will be available for you at registration. 



Volunteers must arrive by 2:45 pm Thursday afternoon and/or 8:15 am on Friday/Saturday mornings for check-in at at the Volunteer Station near the Registration Desk. The Volunteer Coordinator will then provide details concerning your assignment(s) for the day. For more information about how attend the conference for only $120 per adult, please visit the Volunteer Page.




To attend a workshop, you simply show up! There is no registering for a specific session (unless specifically noted). Rather, listen to the Lord's guiding voice the day of the event to know where He wants you during each workshop time. Dancers may find themselves in literary workshops and actors might check out a visual arts class. This is the beauty of a Karitos event, where new ministries are always birthed. God is at the helm and freedom reigns!


To view a complete list of workshops available, click here. You will see a workshop list with descriptions for each department, as well as a link to look at faculty bios. The "General Arts" option will take you to a variety of workshops that are geared to speak to any creative heart and the "Youth Experience" will provide details on the incredible youth track of 30+ classes we have to offer. A program with a complete workshop schedule and list of activities will also be provided at the event.

Other Activities

Karitos is quite unique in the fact that we offer a variety of platforms for attendees to participate in fellowship/networking, even opportunities to share your own ministry and talents. The tab above labeled "Activitieswill offer you a comprehensive look at the entire event so you can begin to plan your time. Whether it is Showcase, Late Night or the Art Show, we offer a place for you to grow and be encouraged in what God has you doing.


Food & Drinks

Karitos will have a variety of options for you snack and enjoy complete meals while at the event this year! For lunch and dinner our Hospitality Team is cooking something special on both Friday and Saturday so you won't miss a thing during the lunch hours. Enjoy handmade sandwiches or wraps packaged into a complete and convenient box lunch while you enjoy the History Timeline presentations and/or watching your fellow attendees on stage at the Karitos Coffeehouse. Dinner offers buffet-style dining in our cafeteria on both Friday and Saturday so you can enjoy quality time fellowship with faculty and peers. All meals offer both a vegetarian and gluten-free option by request. Pre-order your meals online and check out the menus by visiting our Dining page.


What to Bring

A notebook and/or journal is a great item to pack for your weekend adventure. There will be many ideas and moments of wisdom shared by faculty, other attendees and your intimate times with God that you will want to be sure to capture. A phone and/or camera is also very helpful to chronicle your moments at the event and have as keepsakes for years to come. Money for snacks, meals, resources and gifts will prove useful as you explore all that we have to offer right on site at the event. The cafe will be open throughout the event for snacks and drinks. 


Laptops are also quite helpful to capture notes in classes and/or Mainstage speaking sessions. You may also want to bring your ministry or business card if you have them available, as there will be incredible network and fellowship avenues to explore.


Instruments, flags, dance attire, sketch pads or anything else that helps you express your creative gifts will be right at home and we suggest you bring what you are able. There will be a number of opportunities to use them throughout the event, including The Showcase for those that sign up ahead of time! Finally, bring an open heart, ready to receive the new and exciting experiences that God has for you

Marketplace Ministries

Marketplace Ministries is your one-stop-shop for the creations of our amazing platform artists, musicians and workshop faculty members.


Items include:

*Karitos Swag  *Art Supplies  *Worship Flags  *Inspirational Books  *Drama Resources 

*Art Prints  *Prophetic Jewelry  *CDs & DVDs  *T-Shirts  *Streamers & Scarves 


We accept cash or major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover


Many items are deeply discounted for this event, so bring extra funds to take advantage of these great deals!


Ministry Networking Table

Do YOU have a project or organization that you would like everyone to know about? Introducing the Ministry Networking Table! There is no cost to display your business cards, fliers, or signage about what you are passionate about. Share your materials and stay to explore all the other fabulous ministries that are being represented! Maybe the Lord has a divine appointment set up just for YOU! 

Each person is limited to no more than a 1 ft. x 1 ft. space on the table to allow for all attendees to participate



Karitos worship is a time of freedom before the Lord. You will often see a variety of artistic expression going on around you. Some you would expect - dance, song, flags. However, not all of us creatives connect with God in those ways. Don't be surprised if visual artists begin pulling out their sketchpad or writers get out a laptop. Photographers and filmmakers are encouraged to bring their cameras...and please send us a copy of your pics and we might even feature them in our promotion! :)


Live worship painting will be done on stage during both the opening and evening worship sessions. These pieces of artwork may be sold in our Marketplace Ministries or in the Chicago Shop after completion.

Come with expectation to receive something amazing and you will be blessed!

Questions? Call (847) 925-8018 or email info@karitos.org