Theatre & Film Faculty

Crystal Barns

Crystal Barns is a twenty-year veteran in the film industry as a producer, writer and actor. As  Executive Producer of Ark Productions, she has produced several projects and has also served on production teams  for various  independent video and film projects throughout Chicago. Her directorial debut, The Law of Moises  (, a family adventure film enjoyed a theatrical run in February 2019 and will be available online this coming summer 2019. She is currently working on a Web Series to be released in the winter of 2019.   

Jay Peters

Jay Peters founded Alleyway Studios in 2000. Since that time the company has been involved in a wide variety of projects. Initially they filmed and edited music videos for local bands and youth groups. From there they branched out into short films, commercials and promotional videos for various corporations. In 2013 they produced their first feature film, Athanasius: Revolutionary Of Orthodoxy. Currently Jay teaches film and photography at Kankakee Trinity Academy and freelances throughout the midwest area.

Howi Tiller

Howi Tiller is founder of,The Word Alive Christian Drama Ministries. For over 30 years he has written, directed, produced and acted in Christian drama from coast to coast. He has also taught and ministered in conferences across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines and Australia. In the last 10 years, Howi has taught over 10,000 teens in the Christian drama ministry. Howi is a master in communicating what he calls, "Serious Comedy." Howi believes that comedy is often times the bridge over troubled waters that travels to the heart and soul of the hearer. He also believes that it is part of our mission to see Christian drama used as an anointed tool for end-time evangelism.

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