I was most moved by the emphasis the highly skilled/trained teachers kept in their lessons on keeping Jesus (the Word) the main focus of every class I attended. It can be an easy distraction to want to simply 'perform' when learning a new skill and not keep Christ in the center of it all. I gained the most from Maura Hoagland's classes onintercession and 'Discovering my Dance'. She gave Holy Spirit the most freedom to do what He wanted. Her heart was that we would see/hear Him more than her, and that we learn how our bodies worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. She was truly a rare and precious gem, and was sad to hear this was her last year, but glad that I was able to glean from her during her last time with Karitos. I will be taking what she imparted and using her methods in my future classes.

Kirstie G  

I HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME EVER AT THIS CONFERENCE!!!i really enjoyed all of the art classes i gained and learned soooo much about the gift God has blessed me with and it was such a blessing to be surrounded by other painters for Christ!!it was so a freeing experience =)

T'era C

Karitos is an amazing experience. I enjoy freelance writing, and the writing workshops have been very helpful with expert teachers and the camaraderie of kindred spirits. In the general sessions, the music, dancing, painters, mimes, etc., have fed my Christian soul. I have gone to Karitos 3 times. Last year, my brother came in town unexpectedly during Karitos, so I was disappointed that I had to miss some of the conference. This year, I am determined to enjoy as much of the conference as possible and am looking forward to it with excitement. See you there!

Sue E

I have attended Karitos for a number of years.  The first year I was blown away by the evening worship services.  I had never seen such beauty and range of artistry in worship.  Such an amazing thing to see artists from all over the world coming together to worship, collaborating to combine their talents into a unified offering to God.  I saw what was possible in worship if we really reclaim the arts in worship.  I remember one workshop another year -- I think it was led by Vivien Hibbert -- when she brought in different elements of worship one at a time beginning with the drums, which would be the first thing people would hear when a royal procession was coming.  It was followed by flags, then dancers then singers & other instruments.  It gave me goosebumps -- the anticipation of the full splendor when the king arrived.


Maiya L

Two years ago, God turned my view of writing upside down instead of studing the markets and trends, Patty Hickman challenged a group of us to each write our book first, just as last year, Richart Height suggested that good art is not created for the sake of a general popular audience, but as an expression of the message and inspiration God gives you -- some will relate and some will not.  It seems simple, but not always so easy to follow, and I thank Eddy Hill for giving me the courage to be the creative person God made me to be.

Priscilla C

I love seeing the dancers on the stage during the evening celebrations, carrying the flags and banners, and singers worshiping God. Then all the dancers in the audience bring out their flags of various colors and wave them.  Then the main dancers who aren't on stage lead a procession through the congregation, with everyone following them.  It's like being in heaven.  The best part is there's no religious constraint that stops us from doing what God wants us to do.  It's pure worship.

And I love the General Sessions even more.  I love hearing Vivian Hibbert talk about the anointing of God!! 

Attendee of Karitos (2010)

I've also made wonderful writing friends at Karitos who have stuck next to me through thick and thin.  We frequently email each other back and forth with writing ideas.  If you're a writer, then you need to be at Karitos!!!

Kim Kouski

I must say that the worship experience was one of the greatest of my life. On my first night there, I had the most intimate conversation with God that I have had EVER. And I'd like to say that I talk with God a lot, but although he speaks to me in many ways...I rarely feel connected with him. But Friday night, during worship...I did. And what an amazing experience. I realized that I have only given God part of my heart for the longest time and even though I want to spread the good news to others, I was always stubborn at giving all of myself. It was an amazing experience!!

Zachary F

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