Setting Sail on your Art-Preneurship, a webinar with Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon and Susannah Francis.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dr. Felicity Joy

"God can speak to you through an excel spreadsheet.” Dr. Felicity Joy affirmed.

In this most recent webinar, conducted by Dr. Felicity Joy and Susannah Francis, ways that individuals can focus the vision of their art toward profitability was discussed. Joy spoke first about vision casting and the importance of writing down your vision, goals and steps to achieve the desired profitable outcome. Joy stated that she often tells people, "God is very interested in their dreams, that He in fact put those dreams in their heart."

Joy encouraged having an open mindset aligned with God and to write down any plans, purposes or ideas that God gives you while planning your vision.

"The ideas that God gives are unique... It’s really important, as much as we have a …vision, that we need a plan to keep our mind on what we are going to do." Joy observed.

Joy also stressed the importance of vision boards and what she called "memorial stones" which are places where you write down and remember what God has done in an area. She emphasized the importance of recording all personal testimonies of God's goodness. Joy continued, adding that it's important to break your goal or vision down into steps and to involve God in each part, while moving toward completion.

"The Holy Spirit will show us things to come...dare to believe when he tells you certain things," Joy asserted.

Susannah Francis

Susannah Francis next discussed practical resources to be used when planning out a vision and working with people on the completion of their vision. Francis reported that she writes down all the information she needs and has seen the Holy Spirit use that information to help focus her work on a daily basis.

"It’s a way of communication, not just with other people, but also with the Lord," Francis explained.

Francis also stressed that by writing everything on a timeline she is able to see what to do when the Holy Spirit moves and her plans change.

Francis shared how to use a number of resources including Google Sheets, Basecamp and Mailchimp. Francis revealed that she personally uses all of these platforms to prepare Karitos events.

Francis also emphasized the importance of social media as a vehicle to communicate with members of her group. She stated that Karitos has used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to communicate information. She recounted that by using different forms of social media she is able to communicate effectively with all members of the Karitos team. She expressed the importance of serving each other when working on a vision together. "We're here serving our team... It’s important to communicate with people right where they are," she observed. Francis added that this helps create a community where birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated, relationships can be built and prayers can be shared.

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