Part 2 of Jay Peters Talks About His Project "Opening the Door; Homosexuality and the Church"

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Jay Peters visited the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, FL on the fourth anniversary of the shooting.

In this second part of the interview with Jay Peters regarding his film Opening the Door, Homosexuality and the Church, Zach Francis begins by asking Peters what started the journey of creating this film. Peters explained that in the high school classroom where he teaches film, the subject of homosexuality brought up a lot of questions and confusion during class. "These things aren't being talked about. A lot of these issues are not being addressed and then we wonder why there's so much of it going on. Yet, we’re not talking about it. We wonder why there are so many struggles." he said.

Peters encouraged these conversations to take place and especially in the church. Later in the interview, he even tells Susannah Francis that his main audience for the film is the church, however, it has been well received by a few from the LGBT community who have watched it, too. "They don't agree with the message, but the feedback of how it is handled with grace and compassion, they have really been receptive to the film" Peter's said.

Peters shared many testimonies of how God had orchestrated this film. One of them is in regards to Isabella Chow, a Student Senator at the University of California, Berkley, who made headlines back in November of 2018 for abstaining to vote on a resolution opposing President Donald Trump’s proposal to define sex in Title IX as a person's biological sex. According to World Magazine's November issue, the resolution was supported by LGBT groups at the college, including Queer Alliance Resource Center and the Queer Student Union. The resolution stated that Title IX's proposed changes were "purposefully trans-exclusive” and called for the student senate to "publicly reinforce their support of transgender non-binary, and gender non-conforming students." World Magazine stated.

Chow, who based her decision to abstain from the vote because her Christian views, was publicly attacked and Peters heard about the story. Peters says that he normally doesn't pay attention to news stories, but hers caught his attention and he messaged her on Facebook. "I just wanted to encourage her," Peters said. He sent her a message saying "God bless you, glad you stood up for what you believed in. You did it lovingly and respectfully. You weren't being arrogant, self-righteous or holy. You had a really good attitude about it and that's awesome." A few months later Chow wrote him back and Peters asked her if she would do an interview for the film. Chow's story and interview are included in the ‘special features’ part of the film. Her interview took place during one of Peters’ high school classes, which, he said, allowed the students to see how relevant and important the subject matter is. Peters said that the Lord put reaching out to her on his heart.

Peters and Prince Wright, who is also in the film, visited Pulse Night Club in Orlando, FL on the anniversary of the shootings this year.

Another testimony Peters gave is that the night before this podcast interview he had visited the Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida on the anniversary of the shootings. Peters said that there was one individual very heart-broken who said he hadn't been able to come to Pulse since the shootings and had lost 12 friends that night. Peters said he talked and prayed with the individual. Peters stresses that the way to reach those in the LGBT community is not through focusing on their sin, but instead focusing on Christ's love and grace for them. "I could tell just by talking to him that he had already experienced that confrontation, and it's going to be the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the love of God through the gospel. Grace and truth, you know. Go and sin no more, that's what's going to wreck that guy in a good way for Jesus."

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