Interview with Dave Ebert of Well Versed Comedy

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In this podcast, Susannah Francis interviews Dave Ebert, the founder of Well Versed Comedy and creator of PureFest. Ebert and his wife Bobbie have been long time attendees of Karitos.

Ebert moved from West Virginia to the Chicago area in 2013, when he founded HA HA Men, a Christian improv group. HA HA Men has been renamed Well Versed Comedy and Ebert has also started an umbrella ministry called Gifts for Glory Ministries in 2019. Gifts for Glory Ministries oversees Well Versed Comedy and PureFest - Chicago's Faith-Based Improv and Sketch Festival, as well as, Dave's blog and podcast. "Building unity and bringing people together, sharing ideas, sharing testimonies and encouraging people in their gifts, that's kind of my heart, and that's what Gifts for Glory Ministries is all about." Ebert explained.

Ebert's specialty is improv and Well Versed Comedy not only performs, but also facilitates workshops. The team was recently in Indianapolis at Gutsy's Comedy Club. There they facilitated workshops during the day and those who attended were able to perform with the members of Well Versed Comedy later that night. Well Versed Comedy is unique in that the show is clean (G-rated) and it is comprised of four women plus Ebert. "What we want to do is use comedy and humor to build and edify people." Ebert said.

"Humor is a way to break down some walls and to open people up to receive what God has to say to them," Ebert said, "So that's kind of our heart - to use comedy to either be the tool that God uses to bring people closer to him or to be a tool to create fertile ground for whatever God has to say."

Well Versed Comedy just completed a five episode pilot for a possible television show and Ebert is excited to announce they now have a permanent home at Lurbach Assembly of God. Ebert's hope for the year is that Well Versed Comedy will perform in homeless shelters, children's hospitals, as well as, a group that cares for teenage victims of sex trafficking. Ebert expressed that he would like to make his career in improv which can be used for training in life skills and acting. He explained that improv helps unlock creativity and helps us listen to our inner voice.

PureFest takes place September 25-26, 2020, at Cross Point Church in Lockport, IL. Ebert explains that the purpose of PureFest is to give other Christian improvisationalists a place to fellowship and show their skills. Teams have traveled as far as Tennessee and Colorado to attend. Attendees fellowship with interactive improv games and workshops. For more information on PureFest and Well Versed Comedy, contact Dave Ebert at


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