Crystal Barnes Launching "Churched", a Comedy on Facebook and YouTube

In this podcast, Karitos Vice President Zach Francis interviews Crystal Barnes about her new web series Churched that will air on Facebook, April 8. Barnes has attended and taught at previous Karitos Conferences and has her own production company, Ark Productions.

Churched is an episodic comedy that takes place in a church office. The web series is much like the television show The Office in that it is a false documentary of how the employees of this church office interact. Each episode is approximately 10-15 minutes long. It will air on Facebook, April 8 and YouTube, April 11.

The characters in Churched include Pastor Axel Stevens, played by Ben Marten, who has just begun his job as senior pastor for this church. The family pastor, Parker (Duane Deering), and his wife, Sari, played by another Karitos favorite, Mimi Sagadin, have 12 children. Raj, played by Ross Childs, and Tyrell, Dimitri Mareno, are both worship pastors for the church. There is also an intern, Colt, played by Nicolas Barelli, who is described as ‘new to the faith,’ having previously been an atheist. There are two office helpers, Gladys, (Ruth Kaufman) and Naomi (Alissa Sherwood). Gladys is a grandmotherly character to the group and Naomi is a bit legalistic. Other characters are Bill played by Jin Kim and Heidi played by Monique Horton.

Barnes expects that this web series will have people saying, "Why don't we have more Christian comedies?" She hopes that the series does well enough to afford a second and third season. She would like the series to spark attention from a larger media source such as Hulu or Netflix so that the series could be 30 minute episodes, following the sitcom format.

Barnes’ goal is for the series to help us all laugh through our current situations. "Humor humanizes us and we can relate to our daily challenges in a different way." She stated, when asked why do a comedy, "Something I always lean on is humor."

Barnes is an actor, director and producer. She graduated from Temple University and holds her Master's degree in acting from Rutgers University. She has performed in the feature film, The Law of Moses, short film, The Greasy Plate, sketch comedy, "Spiritual Night Live,” as well as commercials. Barnes always thought of her acting as a gift from God and said that acting out Christian themes "Opens people’s eyes more to scripture."

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