Covid 19 Provides Creative Outlets at Karitos Experience

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

At the Recent Karitos Virtual Experience, author Tania Runyan taught a workshop entitled "Poetry About These Unprecedented Times." In this workshop she encouraged writers to utilize what has become common phrases heard on newscasts and emails such as the phrase "These unprecedented times,' to be the "seedlings" for poems about the Covid-19 pandemic.

First Runyan had participants make a working list of phrases that have become common during this pandemic such as, social distancing, flatten the curve, virtual hugs, and quarantine worship. She then encouraged them to give a different spin on the phrases. If it is a negative phrase, they should make it positive and vice versa. She gave the examples, "In these unprecedented times of prayer my Bible stays open all day," and "Family togetherness means the counters are always sticking with pancakes."

In the next step to her poetry process, Runyan had participants write about personal memories of the current time and finally turn those experiences into positive or negative ideas. Runyan encouraged everyone to save these ideas so that they could finish writing on their own. She said that during this time is the best time to write about your experiences. Runyan's workshop was one of two that focused on what we are experiencing in this current time.

The second workshop dealing with how Covid-19 can allow us to be more creative was hosted by Guy Silagi and Mimi Sagadin. The duo talked about how film and acting can be shaped during this quarantine time. Silagi encourages those listening to look at life like a film. Our lives have been affected by Covid-19 and now we get to discover again what we want to accomplish in this time. He asked the question, "How is God using us in this particular time."

Sagadin took the discussion from the angle of an actor and explained that in order for the hero of the story to get what they want, they have to know their intentions. She spoke about how, as she is studying a character to act, she studies not only what the character wants, but their intentions as well.

Silagi mentioned that once you've identified what you want to accomplish, it's important to pray about it. There may be obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome. He encouraged the listener to pray about how God is going to change the story from this part on. He said that the decisions we make now will impact us into the future.

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