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Session 1

Friday 10:45 - 11:55 am

Royalty Streams For Your Music

Learn how to secure all the royalty streams generated from your music while protecting all the rights to your work. Music royalties are payments that go to recording artists, songwriters, composers, publishers, and other copyright holders for the right to use their intellectual property. There are U.S. copyright laws that give artists these exclusive rights to their work.

Music Royalties are also generated for various types of licensing and usage. We’ll discuss everything from digital downloads to mechanical, public performance, synchronization, and print music.

Taught by: Anne Schmidt

Session 2

Friday 1:00 - 2:10 pm

All About Song Publishing

Music publishing 101. When music is used commercially (whether sold, licensed, or publicly performed), the songwriter and copyright owner is owed royalties. Publishing companies can offer multiple services for songwriters. As a ‘publishing administrator’, they administer the copyright – protecting the use of songs as well as collecting royalties owed from use. Some music publishers focus on the use and exploitation of the copyrights they administer by securing opportunities in the form of ‘sync licenses’ for film, TV, ads, video games, etc. Learn how to protect yourself while still negotiating your publishing rights.

Taught by:  Anne Schmidt

Session 3

Saturday 2:25 - 3:35 pm

Christian Music Pioneer

Nancy will share her over 40 years of Christian music pioneering and experience as she carries a legacy that has been worldwide in its scope and outreach. She was there when it all began when CCM music was so new and became a force for evangelism worldwide.

Taught by: Nancy Honeytree

Session 4

Saturday 9:00 - 10:10 am

Songwriting from Beginner to Professional

How do you turn songwriting talent into a professional career? This essential workshop tackles that question, alongside many others, taking songwriters through all the developmental phases and commercial experiences along the way in order to inspire and encourage the attendee to find their own voice and write successfully within their chosen genre.

Taught by:  Gene Schmidt and Zak Awad

Session 5

Saturday 10:25 - 11:35 am

All About Recording-Home Based-Studio

In the last ten years, the digital revolution has brought profound changes to the music industry.  While major record labels still offer the majority of music sold to consumers worldwide, their footing (and profitability) has been hurt by the rise of independent music.  The rise of independent music culture has also come hand-in-hand with another music revolution: the home-based recording studio. Never before has it been easier to start recording and mixing high-quality content from home!

Taught by:  Gene Schmidt and Zak Awad

Session 6

Saturday 2:25 - 3:35 pm

Christian Music And Missions

Nancy has had a missions heart and therefore has been involved in sharing her songs with many parts of the world. She has a heart for the widows the orphans and the lost. Please come and hear her experiences as the Lord has opened many doors for her music in other lands.

Taught by :  Nancy Honeytree

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