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Literary Arts

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Session 1

Friday 10:45 - 11:55 am

Writing as a Calling

What does it mean to be called to write? Clarify your calling, count the costs, and craft a called lifestyle so your words and impact others. Build God’s kingdom letting Christ carry your calling. “The One who called you is faithful, and will also bring it to pass.” A powerful time exploring the cost, clarifying the call, and creating space for this much-envied and much-over-idolized career and calling.

Taught by:  Jane Rubietta

Session 2

Friday 1:00 - 2:10 pm

Spiritual Disciplines for Writers

You can't create from an empty tank. How to keep the well filled and pouring out, feed your soul and inform your writing. Chock-full of live examples and immediately practical application.

Taught by:  Jane Rubietta

Session 3

Friday 2:25 - 3:35 pm

Finding Your Writer’s Voice

What is voice? How do you develop yours? In this presentation, author and writing teacher Carmela Martino explores the answers to these questions. She’ll discuss the power of voice and introduce resources and techniques for sharpening yours to draw readers in and keep them turning the pages.

Taught by:  Carmela Martino

Session 4

Saturday 9:00 - 10:10 am

New Generation Writers: Finding Success in the Young Adult and Middle Grade Market

Writers face tough competition catching the attention of young adult and middle grade audiences. This workshop discusses current trends in the youth market and helps writers better understand why books such as “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Eleanor and Park,” and “Wonder” have resonated with a new generation of readers. Attendees will leave the class with a better understanding of what publishers are looking for, and learn how to use creative points of view, pacing, and unique setting and character elements to draw readers into their tales. The workshop will also discuss enhancing book proposals and marketing with 3D elements such as music, video, and web components. Alex hopes that this class will equip and inspire writers to shine God’s light in a genre that has grown increasingly dark over the last few years.

Taught by:  Alex Marestaing

Session 5

Saturday 10:25 - 11:35 am

Great Beginnings: How to Hook Readers and Keep Them Turning the Pages

There’s a great deal riding on the opening paragraphs of any piece of writing, whether it’s a novel, short story, or nonfiction work. In this workshop, author and writing teacher Carmela Martino will explain the concept of the “implicit promise” and why it’s so important to hooking readers. Using examples from fiction and non-fiction, she’ll also discuss the four key elements of intriguing openings. Attendees are invited to bring the first page of a work-in-process for use in an in-class exercise.

Taught by:  Carmela Martino

Session 6

Saturday 2:25 - 3:35 pm

Working with Small Presses: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Authors often dream of being published by an imprint of one of the “Big 5” trade publishers. But the “Big 5” tend to accept only agented submissions, and even those that accept unsolicited can be excruciatingly slow to respond. As a result, many authors are turning to small presses. In this presentation, author and writing teacher Carmela Martino will share highlights from interviews with some of those authors and discuss her own experiences publishing her novel, Playing by Heart, with a small press.

Taught by:  Carmela Martino

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