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The Karitos Film Department is offering a series of hands on production Master Classes for 2017. Industry professional producers, directors, cinematographers, camera operators, and actors will mentor participants as they produce a Hollywood screenplay scene. The class members will work in behind the camera, as well as acting positions while they complete pre-production, production, and viewing of dailies.


Designed for those who are interested in learning more about the craft and rubbing shoulders with industry professionals, this specialized track will give you the chance to learn, grow, and improve your filmmaking abilities! All Faculty Members will be on hand for each session to offer their wealth of knowledge and experience to each attendee! 

Due to the nature of the film track, with each workshop building on the last, for the most impactful and beneficial experience for all those involved, we are asking the following: 

Those signed up for the film track are requested to commit to all 8 sessions. 

2017 Film Track

Session 1 - 9:00am-10:10am

Session 1 - Introductory

In this introductory session, the Master Class Staff will review the production script. We will provide an overview of the entire program and assign the production and acting teams.

Session 2 – 10:25am-11:35am

Session 2 - Staging and Script Break Down

The production team will begin staging equipment for the shot. The actors will have a table reading, break down the script, and cast roles.

Session 3 – 2:45pm-3:55pm

Session 3 - Blocking and Rehearsal

The productions and acting teams will come together to block, rehearse, and stage the scene. All members will have an opportunity to learn the techniques of professional production.

Session 4 – 4:10pm-5:20pm

Session 4 - Production Practice/Blocking and Rehearsal

The production team will continue to prepare and have an opportunity to practice in various production roles. The acting team will continue to break down the script, rehearse, and be coached in acting.

Session 5 - 9:00am-10:10am

Session 5 - Shoot Prep/Wardrobe and Make-Up

The production team will continue to prep for the shoot and get ready for filming. The acting team will prep in wardrobe and make up.

Session 6 – 10:25am-11:35am

Session 6 - Shooting Session 1


Shooting session 1 of 2. 

Session 7 – 2:45pm-3:55pm

Session 7 - Shooting Session 2


Shooting session 2 of 2. 

Session 8 – 4:10pm-5:20pm

Session 8 - Review and Q&A With Faculty

Production and acting team will come together to review filmed scene and have open dialogue with the Master Film Team.

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Marc Miller

Marc Miller is an award-winning cinematographer and editor with over forty years of international experience in narrative, commercial, corporate, documentary and web formats. He is an active member of the Society of Camera Operators and International Cinematographers Guild Local 600. 

Jay Peters

Jay Peters founded Alleyway Studios in 2000, filming and editing music for short films, commercials, and promotional videos. He teaches film and photography at Kankakee Academy and freelances throughout the Midwest area. 

Mimi Sagadin

Mimi Sagadin is an actor, teacher and speaker experienced in improv, theatre and film. She has worked on small indies to big budget Hollywood films and loves to share her film experience and encourage them to be ambassadors for Christ. Mimi has worked with Emma Thompson, Will Ferrell, Katherine Heigl, John Rhys-Davies. Mimi also played the part of Corrie ten Boom in the feature film “Return to the Hiding Place.” 

Guy Silagi

Guy Silagi is an independent filmmaker, visual storyteller, scriptwriter, director and producer of dramatic and documentary films for over 20 years. He approaches storytelling as a visual artist from a journalistic perspective to capture a story essence without promotional bias.

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