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"The Karitos Experience"

Saturday, April 25th 
12 Noon - 9 pm

via Online

Have you ever hoped for a way to share the incredible experience of Karitos with your family, friends or church leadership? Now is your chance!!

Join us for an afternoon and evening of fun and fellowship, all while taking a taste of what the Karitos experience is like!

Here is what you can expect:

  • Attend mini workshops in visual arts, music, dance, literary, film, theatre and more

  • Shop with our vendors at in the Virtual Marketplace

  • Take "the stage" to share your gifts at our open mic

  • Enjoy the fun and festive atmosphere of fellow creatives

  • Receive a beautiful and powerful time of worship in dance, music, spoken word and more!

  • A powerful message by International Speaker, Author and Musician Vivien Hibbert

  • Personal ministry as you continue in your journey as a creative

A limited number of FREE virtual vendor spaces also available by contacting

Only 100 seats
per session!




12 Noon        Event room opens and Marketplace begins

12:15 PM       Welcome & Opening Worship

                      Worship lead by Gene & Anne Schmidt

                      Message featuring Vivien Hibbert

1:30 PM        "Seen 2020" Virtual Art Gallery Exhibit

Submit your artwork now by clicking here

2:00 PM       Learn Choreography to “Raise a Hallelujah”

Taught by Ginny Ching Yin Lo & Anisa Diaz

--- no break ---

2:30 PM       Latin Hip Hop & Sharing

Taught by Ginny Ching Yin Lo & Anisa Diaz

3:00 PM       Open Mic "Stage"
                      Hosted by Dave Ebert of Well-Versed Comedy

4:00 PM       Artists and Social Networking

Taught by Gene Schmidt

4:30 PM       The Art of Storytelling

Taught by Howi Tiller

5:00 PM       In These Unprecedented Times (Poetry)

Taught by Tania Runyan

5:30 PM       Finding your Story in the Midst of the Quarantine

Taught by Guy Silagi & Mimi Sagadin


6:00 PM       Palette and Prayers

Taught by Joey Kikke & Rosie Martindale

6:30 PM       The Walk to Emmaus & The Upper Room

Taught by Rose Calkins

7:00 PM       Wise Process for Lead Worshippers

Taught by Alan Harvey


7:30 PM        Evening Worship Experience

                       Worship lead by Scharema Hannibal

Message featuring Vivien Hibbert


9:00 PM        Virtual Lobby & Marketplace reopens

9:30 PM        Event room closes

Mini Workshops


Life Verse Painting

Pre-Recorded Workshop Session

Taught By: Joey Kikke

Join artist and entrepreneur Joey Kikke for some fun with marker painting! Create your own “painting” on canvas highlighting some of the most common “Life Verses”.

Watch here -

It Is Well With My Soul

Pre-Recorded Workshop Session

Taught By: Joey Kikke

Join artist and entrepreneur Joey Kikke as you create a watercolor painting of a storm on the beach. The sounds are layers of waves and birds with distant voices singing.

Watch here -

Dance Warm Up & Learn Choreography to “Raise a Hallelujah” (Part 1 of 2)

2:00 PM - Session 1

Taught by: Ginny Ching-Yin Lo & Anisa Diaz

Come and enjoy different styles of praise and worship dance. Wear comfortable clothing to move freely. Our faculty has created movements that you can dance at your home. It is ideal to arrange a space of 8 ft X 8 ft or more, perhaps move your coffee table aside, etc. 


This is the first part of an hour dance workshop with no break in between, nobody is admitted after the first 5 mins. Please join the Zoom meeting 5 mins before 2 PM to check in.

Latin Hip Hop & Sharing (Part 2 of 2)

2:30 PM - Session 2

Taught by: Ginny Ching-Yin Lo & Anisa Diaz

Come and enjoy different styles of praise and worship dance. Wear comfortable clothing to move freely. Our faculty has created movements that you can dance at your home. It is ideal to arrange a space of 8 ft X 8 ft or more, perhaps move your coffee table aside, etc. 


This is the first part of an hour dance workshop with no break in between, nobody is admitted after the first 5 mins. Please join the Zoom meeting 5 mins before 2 PM to check in.

Artists and Social Networking

4:00 PM - Session 3

Taught By: Gene Schmidt

Social networking platforms can be your window to the world, from Facebook to Zoom to YouTube. This workshop will focus on how artists can set up, orchestrate, and use social media apps for events, concerts, and songwriting opportunities.

In These Unprecedented Times

5:00 PM - Session 5

Taught By: Tania Runyan

During this quick idea-generating workshop, we will be taking words and phrases we've come to associate with our experience in isolation and turn them on their heads to wake up our imaginations and inspire seedlings for future poems.

The Art of Storytelling

4:30 PM - Session 4

Taught by: Howi Tiller 

The very first event recorded in the history of the world was God’s creative thought being vocalized. God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God‘s answer to change was to start creating.  Whether a painter or poet, the active ingredient is creativity and the place it originates is in the mind and heart.  In this online class, we will explore the art of storytelling which includes understanding what we want to create, the questions we need to ask ourselves to give the story structure, and the process of rewriting.

Finding your Story in the Midst of the Quarantine

5:30 PM - Session 6

Taught by: Guy Silagi & Mimi Sagadin

Covid-19 is impacting our current lives and our future stories.

How is this “new abnormal” impacting our lives today and how will our lives be changed tomorrow? In different ways this has become a very challenging time for all of us. We may have family, friends or co-workers fighting Covid-19. We may be out of work and trying to develop a new budget. All of our home lives have changed. How is God showing up in our relationships? 

How is God speaking to us? How is the Holy Spirit interacting in our lives? Are we listening? What is God saying? How is He showing up? 


Are we writing down our thoughts and feelings in journals, posting vlogs on YouTube, sharing our stories with friends and loved ones or are we talking to our computer or phone? 

The method we use isn’t as important as simply telling our story and getting it out. It’s time to capture our feelings and thoughts because in one way or another our lives are being impacted and will change forever.

The Walk to Emmaus & The Upper Room

6:30 PM - Session 8

Taught By: Rose Calkins

“He is not here, but has risen.”
Jesus walking alongside of us to remind and encourage us of the fulfillment of old stories and the flame set upon us for birthing hopeful, life giving and redeeming new stories.

It was essentially seven miles on The Road to Emmaus when two disciples were downtrodden by what they perceived as a hopeless turn of events- that Jesus died, and so did their hopes for a Messiah. However, the resurrected Jesus met them on that seven mile walk and reminded them of the scriptures. He then shared a meal with them and their eyes were open and hearts ablaze to the resurrected Jesus! 

The apostles were filled with fear and locked themselves in the Upper Room for 10 days, also full of hopelessness and dread about the turn of events. Jesus met them there and they were cleansed by the Holy Spirit, came together in one accord, and their hearts were set on fire to spread the good news of Jesus.

For such a time as this, we are being filled with a renewed portion of the Holy Spirit. To share the good news of Jesus through our stories.


I will meet with participants on-line for ten days. Seven of those days will be in an on-line daily one mile prayer walk, which is essentially twenty minutes in length. Then those involved are asked to write for twenty minutes after their walk via their phones/notes. We can then take twenty minutes to share stories. This will be repeated for six days afterward. The last three days will be walking on our own and submitting stories via my email and then sharing the collection of stories in a Created Writers Facebook Group. It won’t be an ongoing writers group, but simply a completed writing project, used as a catalyst for further personal writing and inspiration.

Palette and Prayers

6:00 PM - Session 7

Taught by: Rosie Martindale & Joey Kikke

Let's talk about how visual artists can reveal God's heart during times of crisis and then pray for one another.

Wise Process for Lead Worshipers

7:00 PM - Session 9

Taught By: Alan Harvey


The most important facet of worship is realizing that God deserves more than our very best at all times. Worship is a lot more than what takes place while people sing and play instruments, worship is a lifestyle. Having authenticity in our daily walk is what makes corporate and personal worship real. In these times of “sheltering in place”, how do we maintain a true “Heart of Worship” when we are only gathering online? We are told in Proverbs that the fear (true reverence) of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 1:7, 2:5, and 9:10).

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Rose Calkins

Rose Calkins is one of the founders of DuPage Writers Group, NFP, which has been in existence since 2004 and has published "Possibilities," an annual literary journal celebrating the works of its members and guests. It contains a collection of varied literary genre along with original art and photography.  DWG cultivates the literary arts in the neighboring communities as well as nationally through diverse and collaborative programming. Rose was instrumental in creating poetry readings, writing workshops, authors' speaker series, writing retreats, children's writing workshops with an accompanying published journal, LitLab, a performing art collaborative with Teen Artists and Writers Group; and publishing a collection of veterans stories.


Rose has mentored and encouraged many writers throughout the years. She is president of Sky Blue Living Publishing. She writes children's books and has written and published "Grammie is My Favorite Ice Cream".

Rose is a teacher and thus a learner. She has taught art, drama, writing composition, journalism, and literature.

She is an overtime (like most in her field) "Mom Engineer" of three teens and one young adult, which gives her the most perspiration and inspiration. Rose is grateful to her husband Tony for his love and support and to God for His love and support :)

Anisa Diaz

School Teacher and Minister of Dance. Anisa is mostly self-taught in Hip Hop and Latin Dance, with training in Spiritual Worship from Dorolyn Academy in Chicago, IL, Modern Dance from Steps of Grace Ballet School in Brookfield, WI, and Contemporary and West African Dance from Rhemadance Studios in Kenosha, WI.

In 2001, she began teaching dance as a part of worship in Chicago, and is now on the worship team at Sign of the Dove Church in Waukegan, IL. Anisa is the Director of Alats Dance Company, ages 13+ to develop and train up disciples, and to explore giftings in Christ through dance (Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Latin, African). She is also a Hip-Hop Choreographer at Steps of Grace Ballet school, and Alats Dance Club for children ages 7 -12 where she teaches spiritual growth, technique, and production performances.

Anisa is passionate about ministering in dance in the United States, Latin America, Tanzania and Uganda. She loves Jesus and wants to share the joy He has given her through dance to others.

Dave Ebert

Dave is the founder of Well Versed Comedy and creator of PureFest: Chicago's Faith-Based Improv and Sketch Festival. He is a Chicago-land native who grew up in southwestern Virginia and was always a ham and jokester. Dave has loved entertaining people his entire life.

In the summer of 1992, Dave initially became saved at a camp prior to his sixth grade year. Afterward, he drifted and lost his way. A long battle with depression finally turned in Dave's favor, when he answered God's call in January 2013. This led him back home to Chicago to pursue acting and comedy as his ministry.

Dave's performing experiences date back to the early 1990's, when he performed in church plays. Dave's resume includes several years as an on-air deejay at a Top 40 station and a Country station; many years as a PA Announcer at basketball, baseball, and football games; eight years in pro-wrestling; and some comedy improv training at Second City and Gorilla Tango Theater. 

In June 2015, Dave married his best friend and the love of his life, Bobbie. Together, they reside in the the southwest suburbs of Chicago and serve God through Well Versed and other ministries. 

Alan Harvey

Alan Harvey is a versatile minister, guitar player and singer/songwriter. He leads worship at River Of Life Missionary Church in Michigan City, Indiana,and The Dwelling Place (a Calvary Chapel Fellowship) in Valparaiso, Indiana. He has been involved in Christian Music since he gave his life to Christ in 1979, and has served as worship leader and worship pastor in multiple fellowships over these last 39 years. He has been active in many Christian worship events over the years such as Karitos, and the Joyfest, where he served as Event Coordinator. This was a very successful Christian music festival that ran at Michigan City’s lakefront for 12 years, with an average annual attendance of over 2,000.


Alan is also the front man and manager for the Christian Blues group, Blud Bros ( This group has been playing out in festivals, prisons, rehab centers and other events since 2000. The band has had multiple top songs on and has been ranked among the top Christian Blues bands out there by various enthusiasts. Their 2 CD’s (Not What You Think, 2006 and Above the Hum ,2010) have sold over 2,500 copies with no distribution.


Alan was born and raised in a family of musicians. He learned to play guitar at age 11 and by the time he became a Christian he had already been a professional performing and recording artist for more than a decade. Jesus gave Alan’s life and music a whole new, and very wonderful purpose. Early in his walk with Christ, Alan set his mind to achieving the goal of being involved in some of the most beautiful music God has ever heard. As his understanding of the Bible grew he realized that God is more interested in the state of the heart of the worshipper, not necessarily the perfection of the performance. Loving God through music and the Word are the prime motivations of Alan’s life.


As a minister Alan serves as a chaplain for the Michigan City Police and Fire Departments, along with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team. He teaches the Bible, serves as an Elder in his fellowship, and covers whatever bases are necessary in carrying on the work of the gospel. Educationally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in both Biochemistry and Emergency Management. He also holds a Master’s of the Arts in Theology/Christian Studies.


Alan has been a staple on the Karitos Worship team as guitarist and singer at the nationwide event seven times over the last 14 years, and is looking forward to helping people draw closer to Christ through worship and music.

Vivien Hibbert

Author, teacher, musician and worship leader, Vivien Hibbert was born in New Zealand and began full time ministry in 1977 as a teacher of praise and worship. In 1985, Vivien immigrated to the U.S. and has served in full-time pastoral and/or music ministry until today. Vivien is a co-founder of The Worship Arts Conservatory, the first online school of worship. Currently, she is the instructor of the online School of Worship at the Eagles international Training Institute in Dallas.
In 1997 Vivien was privileged to take part in the Promise Keepers Worship Summit where she was involved in developing a strategy for establishing worship internationally with the goal of unifying diverse cultures. She is a regular faculty member of several worship conferences in the United States and overseas, and regularly teaches at Youth With A Mission both domestically and abroad.  As one example of her desire to see the glory of God spread throughout the nations, Vivien was privileged to work with FarsiPraise, Christian converts from Islam, who produce evangelistic teaching and worship for Iranian satellite TV. She longs to see ALL nations, generations and denominations involved in a reformation of worship where God’s presence becomes the primary focus and purpose of Church gatherings. Vivien has ministered in over twenty nations and is a member of ICE (International Council of Ethnodoxologists).

Vivien has many years of experience in a wide variety of ministries including teaching in church services, bible schools, prisons, hospitals, conferences, retreats, women’s conferences, youth meetings in any nation or denomination. It is her joy to serve the Body of Christ and call them to deeper worship and intimacy with Him.
Vivien has produced several music tapes over the years.  Her most recent musical project is titled "Songs From The Father’s Heart," an inspirational instrumental soaking CD based on the songs the Father sings over each of us. This CD was recorded in Norway in 2013 along with other worship musicians. Another CD, "Shepherd's Suite," is a soaking CD based on Psalm 23. This music gives you a foundation to wait on the Lord - meditating on each verse of this beautiful Shepherd Psalm. In 2016 Vivien began a CD project that is intended as a prayer CD with the sounds of many nations.

Vivien's book, "Prophetic Worship," published in July of 1999, continues to be an excellent and insightful resource on worship. You will find depths of teaching and revelation in this insightful book. It is being re-published in 2019! She also has a unique devotional book entitled "Praise Him." In 2015, Vivien has also published ten booklets of her notes on worship and deeper life.

JoEL Kikke (Joey)

It sounds like a cliché, but I have always been interested in art. I remember drawing on everything as a child. I became a Jesus Follower during the Jesus Movement, and wanted to be an artist for Jesus! I earned a BA in Studio Art and Secondary Education from Northeastern Illinois University. After a few years teaching art in the Chicago Public Schools, Snippets of Life Studio was launched. Now I spend my time painting and teaching workshops. Next to the amazing family and friends I’ve been blessed with, being an artist for Jesus has been the thrill of my life. AND the best is yet to come!

Ginny Ching-Yin Lo

Ginny Ching-Yin Lo is the founder of the not-for-profit community dance education program, Identity. Its mission is to connect, create, and affirm. Ginny has trained with the Hong Kong Ballet and Madame Boltsov in Chicago. She has danced professionally with Boltsov Classical Ballet and Illinois Ballet Theater. She holds a B.A. in Dance from Columbia College and a M.A. in Communication and Culture from Trinity International University, with a thesis project on “Art & Theology.” Ginny has worked as the artistic director of Lombard Dance Center and as guest faculty with Tongji University Dance Education in Shanghai. Her choreography has been presented in the United States, China, and Germany. She has broad experience teaching dance to professional dancers, youths, and adults. As a missionary in China, she led a migrant performing troupe using performing arts to share the gospel, which brought many to faith. Ginny has served as the Dance Department Head of Karitos since 2015. For more information on Ginny's work, visit:

Tania Runyan

Tania Runyan is the author of the poetry collections What Will Soon Take Place, Second Sky, A Thousand Vessels, Simple Weight, and Delicious Air, which was awarded Book of the Year by the Conference on Christianity and Literature in 2007. Her guides How to Read a Poem, How to Write a Poem, and How to Write a College Application Essay are used in classrooms across the country. Her poems have appeared in many publications, including Poetry, Image, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, The Christian Century, Saint Katherine Review, and the Paraclete book Light upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. Tania was awarded an NEA Literature Fellowship in 2011. When not writing, Tania plays fiddle and mandolin, drives kids to appointments, and gets lost in her Midwestern garden.

Guy Silagi

Guy Silagi is an independent filmmaker, visual storyteller, scriptwriter, director and producer of dramatic and documentary films for over 25 years. He approaches storytelling as a visual artist from a journalistic perspective to capture story essence without promotional bias.

Howi Tiller

Howi Tiller is founder of,The Word Alive Christian Drama Ministries. For over 30 years he has written, directed, produced and acted in Christian drama from coast to coast. He has also taught and ministered in conferences across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines and Australia. In the last 10 years, Howi has taught over 10,000 teens in the Christian drama ministry. Howi is a master in communicating what he calls, "Serious Comedy." Howi believes that comedy is often times the bridge over troubled waters that travels to the heart and soul of the hearer. He also believes that it is part of our mission to see Christian drama used as an anointed tool for end-time evangelism.

Mimi Sagadin

Chicago native Mimi Sagadin began her acting career in the early 1990's when she trained in improv at the Players Workshop of the Second City (Second City's original training ground). She performed in children's shows on the infamous main stage of The Second City, and went on to co-found the "clean comedy" improv and sketch troupe Mission IMPROVable performing throughout the Midwest for eight years. In 2007 Sagadin had the privilege to work with Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport (Once On This Island, Godspell, Speed the Plow) in Chicago's Off-Broadway production of "The Awesome 80's Prom" where she played the quirky high school drama teacher, MRS. L for fifteen consecutive months. In 2010 Mimi was cast in Provision Theaters' Jeff-nominated play "The Hiding Place" as concentration camp prisoner, Eva Schuman. And that same year Mimi was hand-picked by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard to portray Vince Vaughn's secretary in "The Dilemma" with Jennifer Connelly, Kevin James, and Winona Ryder. Although her character was in numerous scenes, all were cut.... but the momentum continued and later that same year her breakout role occurred. That role was that, of the well-known Dutch hero of the Holocaust, Corrie ten Boom. She worked alongside renowned Emmy-nominated John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones) in the true-story, World War II drama "Return to the Hiding Place" (2013). Winner of over nineteen awards including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, and Audience Choice from numerous film festivals around the country. Aware of the strong influence media has on the culture, Sagadin is passionate about performing in films that positively impact audiences. She's also known for her work in "Princess Cut (2015) with Jenn Gotzon Chandler (Frost/Nixon, Doonby) and Ashley Bratcher (90 Minutes in Heaven, Extraordinary), "Halfway" (2017) with Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) and Jeffrey DeMunn (Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption), and the Vietnam War drama "Summer of '67" (2018).

Gene Schmidt

Gene Schmidt, singer, songwriter, and musician has been writing as well as performing Christian music for over three decades. His genre-diverse original music has been heard on an International level as well as sung in different languages. His acoustic ability complements the numerous melodies which he has composed. His songwriting demands a cultivated palate to fully appreciate the burst of diverse flavors at play in his music.  Although his style is acoustic=based, the arrangements go much deeper, culling from ballad, folk, slapstick country, rock and contemporary.

Gene has composed hundreds of songs to include worship, various causes from homelessness, missions, right-to-life, human trafficking, political campaigns and songs for the persecuted church.(  Gene has traveled extensively sharing his music and ministry in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and a country most dear to his heart, Romania.

Gene is founder of Christian Songwriters and Musician’s International),, where he networks, mentors, and facilitates the connections of songwriters with artists, producers, and musicians. His passion is to mentor and equip the next generation of songwriters and musicians on their artistic journey. CSMI exists to equip the songwriter and musician with tools for their music ministry as well as network them with people in their craft.  From producers to venues, CSMI is a community and mentorship that will take you the artist and the projects you promote, higher.

For over 35 years Gene and his wife Anne Schmidt, singer, songwriter, and worship leader, have traveled sharing music ministry and working for Hand of Help, an outreach to Romania’s orphans.( Together they have been married for 35 years and have three grown sons and reside in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Event DVDs, T-shirts, Buttons and more!

Forever relive the worship, fellowship, fun, and excitement of Karitos.




Christ-Focused Worship & Praise

22 Albums available, featuring their newest.

"Awaken The Nations" contains Intimate songs of worship and songs to encourage the church to be awake and active in our faith, culture, and society.




Viirtual Vocal Lessons

Are you looking to improve your vocal skills and taking it to the next level? Well look no further, Scharema Hannibal is now offering Vocal lessons via Zoom.

What’s covered?
- Breathing techniques
- Vocal exercises
- Song selections...and more!!!

Sign-up today!




We are passionate about drama ministry! Reaching thousands of churches worldwide

"Cutting Edge Christian Drama Ideas", That Make Your Drama Ministry Fun, Creative and Exciting.

Hundreds of resources available!




Poetry Complilations and Writing Resources

Author of the poetry collections Second Sky, A Thousand Vessels, Simple Weight, and Delicious Air, which was awarded Book of the Year by the Conference on Christianity and Literature in 2007. Her instructional guides, How to Read a Poem and How to Write a Poem, are taught in schools across the country.




Christian Fantasy YA Novels

Hidden Secrets: Eighteen-year-old Prince Conell from Ezasu and 16-year-old Imogene from Peoria, Illinois are pursued by a demon who believes that with the girl’s medallion, he can rule Ezasu. 

Book two is out this summer.



Vivien's Book.jpeg


Books, Albums, Booklets and more!

During the Coronavirus quarantine, we are offering Vivien's newest book for a special sale price.




Orignal Music Albums

Masterpiece is an eclectic collection of songs and performance pieces that spans a variety of genres. From blues and rock to worship and spoken word, there is something for everyone in Masterpiece.






Worship Accoutrements including Flags, Hand Painted Silk Flags, Streamers, Billows & Banners

Sonlight Illuminations exists to provide the Bride of Jesus Christ with exceptionally well-crafted accoutrements for Personal Worship and Corporate Fine Arts Ministries as well as the creation of Holy Spirit led Visual Expressions to draw people into the Presence of our LORD.




Facepainting, Prophetic Paintings,

Culinary Treats and more!

Miss Joy is branching out! Come partake of these enticing newly created flavors! Bring your appetite for mirth as Miss Joy satiates everyone with her whimsical spicy sprinklings of joy!




Inspirational Fiction

This story will inspire you, it will make you laugh and it will also make you cry. Take this journey with Rhonda, it will bring you face to face with your own journey. Have you faced your darkness?



Andy Zach pic.jpg


Jule Inc Publishing - Entertaining and Educating, humorous science fiction

Two Series:
1) Secret Supers - four disabled 7th-graders get superpowers and fight criminals.

2) Life After Life Chronicles: zombie satire, first novel, Zombie Turkeys.