Our Mission

A unique and diverse gathering of creatives that provides Biblically-based tools to encourage, empower and equip artists to serve the Kingdom and impact the world.


"What is God doing in the arts?"

That simple question asked on a talk radio show in the fall of 1994, led to a one-day gathering of Christian artists in the Spring of 1995. Over time a second evening was added, then a second day and third evening.

Today, Karitos has become one of the most unique conferences in the country for those who not only want to know what God is doing in the arts, but want to be part of it. While there are a number of conferences designed specifically for musicians, or for dancers, writers, visual artists or those in drama ministry, there are very few that bring all of these disciplines together.

"What is Karitos?"

Karitos is a word formed from two Greek words. The first is Charis, or Gift. The second is Istos, or Thing. It is meant to show that an ability in the Arts is a Gift-Thing, or Gifting from God.

"What do we believe?"

  • We believe that the God of the Bible is the One who has given the gift of the Arts to the human race.

  • We believe that the curse of sin has corrupted the Arts and that God wants to redeem the Arts for His glory (The enabling of individuals with Arts-Gifts in the Body of Christ to use their callings to glorify God and reach a needy world with His love.)

  • We believe that it is our calling as an organization to assist individual believers as well as the general Body of Christ to identify artistic giftings, provide education and opportunities in those giftings, and promote the use of artistic expression in worship, in encouragement and exhortation, and in evangelism.

  • We will accomplish the above through festivals, conferences, networks and other ministries and projects, as God directs.

"What do we do?"

Karitos encompasses all aspects of the movement arts from ballet to hip-hop, from praise dance to prophetic dance. Reflecting its growth worldwide, worship at Karitos has grown in both its importance and its presence. Churches can send worship leaders and praise teams confident that they will grow in both their technical and spiritual ability. Those desiring to use their gifts in music ministry find Karitos an excellent place to learn the ins and outs of the Christian music industry. At the same time, they are challenged to keep Christ foremost in all that they do.

Workshops in acting, directing, script writing, stage combat, and much more, inspire excellence in those in drama ministry. Christian writers and visual artists also benefit from sitting under anointed professionals. Acquisitions editors, published fiction and non-fiction authors, and visual artists working in a wide range of mediums share from years of experience.

As the church has begun to realize the power of film, we’ve added film and video workshops. For the past several years, workshop participants have been given hands-on opportunities not simply to hear lectures, but to actually produce short film pieces. Noting the advances being made in church-related audio-visual technology, we now offer training by highly skilled professionals in the field.

And, oh, in answer to the question, “What is God doing in the Arts?” Amazing things...both in the local church and globally!


Want to be a part of it all? With 100 workshops, powerful general sessions, exciting concerts and performances, extravagant worship celebrations, opportunities to showcase your ministry, plus times of networking and rich fellowship, Karitos is a great place to start!